Denture Repairs

Repairing Your Dentures

Broken dentures should only ever be repaired by someone who is trained and qualified to carry out the repair. If your dentures are broken, we can quickly repair them, but remember, even professionally repaired dentures will always retain a weakness and will eventually require replacement.

What Should You Do if Your Denture Breaks?

If possible keep all the broken pieces together and soak them in a glass of cold water until your appointment. Try not to let the dentures dry

The Dangers of Do-It-Yourself Repairs

There are denture repair kits available that allow you to fix your dentures yourself at home. They usually involve the use of super glue which is in itself a harmful substance. This may seem like a quick and convenient solution, but attempting to repair them yourself may end up resulting in further damage and make your denture uncomfortable to wear. Attempting to do a quick fix yourself will probably just cause more problems in the long run. It is always advisable to have your denture fixed by a professional who has the correct knowledge and equipment to do a good job.

Clinical Denture Centre provides a one hour repair service. Broken or lost dentures can be replaced within days, often same day subject to prior arrangement.


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